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Sanibel’s Best Homemade Ice Cream & Patisserie

are brought to you by a hand-picked team of ice cream, chocolate and bakery professionals, all dedicated to one goal:

Providing you exceptional product quality and a wonderful guest experience.

Owner Laurie Verme and General Manager Alice Verme

Owner Laurie Verme brings broad based experience and a passion for quality to Sanibel. Laurie built her career in food service as a McDonald’s franchisee in Long Island. Drawn to Florida, she purchased a premier resort in Ft Lauderdale, fought through the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma, and finally achieved her dream to settle on Sanibel Island in 2017,

In 2017, Alice her daughter, was attending Clark University in Massachusetts where she received a 95% scholarship for academics and athletics. Alice gave up her medical future to assist her “mom” with a vision along with aspirations of a successful future making ice cream and achieving her “Ice Cream Dreams” goals to come true.  Alice grew up in the resort business but has food service in her blood, becoming the master ice cream maker and general manager overseeing all operations.

We have perfected our “homemade” ice cream recipes. Now there will always be a larger variety of ice cream, gelato, sorbeto and sherbet, for everyone to enjoy. We offer an array of wonderful pastries as well as artisanal sandwiches, quiches, and decadent cakes.

Our Company Tradition

Sanibel’s Best Homemade Ice Cream and The Sanibel Chocolate Shop and Patisserie follow the company’s tradition of supporting community groups and advocating for what makes Sanibel Island special.  Alicia Clark, PTA President with Laurie and Alice Verme

A representative sample are Captains for Clean Water, The Sanibel School PTA, The Annual Sanibel Thanksgiving Celebration, Let’s Pink Out, The Sanibel Captiva American Business Women’s Association, The Sanibel Captiva Chamber of Commerce and The Island Government Affairs Committee.

Laurie and Alice believe in the magic of the island, the inherent good nature of the island community and the importance of family. Be sure to look for Laurie’s Dad handing out free samples on busy days!

Alicia Clark, PTA President with Laurie and Alice Verme


The Seahorse Shopping plaza proudly serves Sanibel’s Best Homemade Ice Cream!

This popular ice cream shop’s location on Sanibel’s East End now focuses on handcrafted products, unique presentations serving only the very best ingredients. Both Laurie and Alice wanted to take an “almost perfect” ice cream and make it BETTER! One may ask, “How could this possibly be accomplished??” Well this is how it happened… Laurie asked a true and dear friend, (also in the ice cream industry) Mrs. Mandy McGovern for an “expert Ice Cream maker” suggestion then hired this expert (40+ years) from Meadville, PA to fly down to Sanibel and teach all how to make a better (if not perfect) “Homemade Ice Cream.” We studied, practiced and came up with a creamier, smoother, tastier product! This is what we wanted from the very beginning… and now it’s happening!! The results are: 


In addition to the “new” ice cream, we now make our own waffle cones! When you walk into the store it smells like a confectionery dream. 

Laurie and Alice, along with the store’s manager Shane, strive for “Q, S, C,” (a phrase Laurie learned back in her McDonald’s days) QUALITY, SERVICE & CLEANLINESS! Our main focus will always follow the traditions of handcrafted products, unique presentations, friendly staff, clean environment, and generous portions. Please stop by and say “Hi!” Laurie, Alice, Shane, and the rest of our staff welcome all of our Sanibel families, friends, & visitors from all over the world to stop by and share a friendly smile, some laughs and enjoy the VERY BEST HOMEMADE ICE CREAM ON-ISLAND! We guarantee you will remember OUR ICE CREAM FOREVER! Also, please say “Hi” to Pops and Midnight. Pops will be sitting on the front porch wearing his Korean War hat along with his companion Midnight, a little fluffy all black Pomeranian both enjoying our new “Sandpiper” and “Sea Shells” ice creams along with a “pup-cup” for Middy.

 IN ADDITION please visit our Patisserie, “Beach Food to Go”, & Chocolate Shop (2 stores, one location)! Laurie and Alice are proud to announce and serve a large variety of the most decadent PASTRIES, DESSERTS, delicious ARTISAN SANDWICHES, along with chips, drinks, and an exceptional range of CHOCOLATES too! CALL AHEAD AND GET YOUR BREAKFAST, LUNCH OR DINNER BEACH FOOD TO GO!

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