Second Annual Captains For Clean Water Fundraiser

Captains For Clean Water joins forces with Sanibel’s Best Homemade Ice Cream again this season for a year-long fundraising effort supporting education on the issues facing Florida’s estuaries and Everglades. Captain Chris Whitman invented the popular Dolphin Tracks flavor in 2020 to bring attention to water issues education. “Every scoop of Dolphin Tracks sold raises funds to support water education and outreach,” said Wittman, a self-proclaimed ice-cream lover. “We are pleased to continue this effort into the second year in partnership with Sanibel’s Best Homemade Ice Cream.”

The Captains for Clean Water 2021 gift-basket raffle is underway at Sanibel’s Best Homemade Ice Cream, 362 Periwinkle Way. Captains will be presented with the 2020 fundraising check and raffle winners will be announced on March 12. “Captains for Clean Water are fighting to overcome the most important challenge facing our community,” said Laurie Verme, owner of Sanibel’s Best Homemade Ice Cream. “I grew up on the North Shore of Long Island and my father was a bayman,” explained Verme. “I recall dolphins swimming in Long Island Sound until the water became unfit; they migrated south and so did we. Now with the risk of history repeating, my family and I want to take a stand clean water. Water is life and is the most important part of our world. Working with Captain Chris and his team, we aim to make a difference and hope to turn heads in government at all levels.”

We encourage the public to stay informed and consider becoming a member of Captains for Clean Water,” continued Wittman. “Water quality impacts everything from our economy to our way of life. We invite everyone to join us as advocates for long-term, science-based solutions to the man-made water crisis in South Florida.”

A select number of high-profile gift baskets representing the generosity of island businesses will be raffled in support of Captains for Clean Water, ranging from “A Day at the Beach” to “Jewelry Spectacular.” The raffle will be open until the afternoon of March 12, 2021.

Second Annual Captains For Clean Water Fundraiser

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